Nearly half of nurses join sickout at CRH


Accustomed to perennial poor service at the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH), many persons who showed up at the Montego Bay-based facility yesterday were initially unaware of a sickout among nurses, with almost half of the cohort not reporting for work.

The nurse’s absence coincided with that of other colleagues across the island, who complained about being unhappy with a recent statement by Prime Minister Andrew Holness that healthcare workers would not receive priority treatment if they fall ill on the job.

Additionally, the nurses complained of being overworked, fatigued, and undercompensated as they worked in overcapacity public-health facilities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Gleaner was informed that only 50 out of 97 nurses slated to be on duty at the CRH yesterday showed up. The breakdown showed 12 specialist nurses out of 21; 30 registered nurses out of 59; two midwives out of eight; and six enrolled assistant nurses out of nine.