The Gospel Ride Experience was launched in May 2006.  My wife had a vision.   The vision was a radio ministry, and within two weeks it came into existence.

A friend of mine worked with  a secular radio station and within two weeks after my wife’s vision, he contacted and informed me that his boss was looking for someone to do a gospel segment on the air and I was recommended.

I got in touch with the owner of the radio station and within a few days it all started.  I choose the name “The Gospel Ride Experience” because I thought that I was just going on the air to play some gospel songs (that’s my passion), but God had bigger plans for this ministry.

In the summer of 2011 was launched (this is an off-shoot of The Gospel Ride Experience) and it has grown tremendously.  We are now affiliated with many radio stations in the Tri-State area, Georgia, Florida and the Cayman Island.

Who could it be, but God!  We give Him all the Glory!!



Our mission is to spread the Gospel to the four corners of the earth, so that souls can be won for the Kingdom.  There are many hurting souls in the world today and we know that God is the answer to all of our struggles.  He is the only One who can help us navigate these tumultuous times.


Bro Davon Ministries (BDM) is your main source for Gospel music. Our submission guidelines are meant for you to provide to us with enough information to best promote your music on our station. Failure to follow our  guidelines will result in immediate rejection of your submission.

1. You must be a born again Christian and all songs must glorify God.

2. All songs must have some relationship with the word  “Jesus or God”, which can be used as a tool to encourage all who may hear it and cause them to change their lifestyle for Jesus Christ.

3. Each song(s) submitted must be in MP3, properly tagged with Artist Name, Song Title, and submitted to

4. The production of song must be professionally mixed and mastered.

5. Your song cannot include lyrics that promote hatred, division, attack, go against the word of God (THE BIBLE) . There must be no self glorification, profanity, use the “N” word, sexual content, violence, religious bashing of any kind or drug use in your lyrics. It will not be accepted and will result in immediate deletion of your submission.
IMPORTANT: By sending your music for publishing or airplay, you give Bro Davon Ministries (BDM) , full permission to download your music & upload it to our online media channels.
FINALLY: Submitting content for our site does not guarantee that it will be used or receive airplay.  All submitted content is subject to approval by the Program Director.